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Safe and Comfortable Transportation


There's nothing more important than being prepared and safe arriving a new destination.

Since the Pandemic, we have strict COVID-19 Protocols to keep you safe;

1) We have consistent limo drivers versus companies that use large group of rotating drivers.

2) Drivers protocol consist of wearing level 3 medical mask, disposible gloves and frequent hand sanitization. Disposable gloves are used because the driver helps carry, load and unload the luggage, and are disposed between each pick-up passenger.

3) Before and after every pick-up: car touch-points, handles, arm rests, seats, headrest, floor, trunk are sanitized with Bleach-free Clorox Disinfectant.  

4) Exterior of vehicles are cleaned through Valet Car Wash twice a day.

5) Passengers never sit at the front seat, with our large vehicles there is maximum distance between the driver and the student be transported.

6) We recently implemented contactless Dry cleaning Service offered to Partnered Education Institutions, to provide the best student expreience.

We can help you

It was so important for me and my husband to find the best service to ensure my daughter was safe with and comfortable before sending her to Canada. RFA did just that as she was going to college in a new country. Thanks

Mrs. Le Thi Lam - Parent

After a long flight, it's nice to go into residence and start my journey with my package of essentials. Ready For Arrival made it so easy! 

Kesha H. - University of Toronto

Once I arrived Canada, I used the sim card data to check the map and contacted my family while I was in the limo. I feel much safer staying connected, thanks guys! 

Jamie L. - McMaster University

The vehicle was clean and driver was professional. Now I know why my mom chose RFA to transport me to my home stay. Will definitely use again for my departure flight!

Chris L. - Hamilton ON

Thanks to Ready for Arrival, I didn't need to stress when arriving Toronto Pearson Airport. I had my ride planned, my essentials pre-delivered to campus, and they mailed me a Canadian SIM card to instantly stay connected.

Yeong Ja Yu - University of Waterloo

Let us get you Ready for Arrival.